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Privacy Statement

About this website

This website www.syntheticcell.eu is the website of a bottom-up scientific initiative of European scientists and institutions towards the creation of synthetic cells.

Personal data that we process

We ask personal data:

  1. upon submitting your profile to the community page at the website “Support the synthetic cell community”-page
  2. upon registration to symposia and other events
  3. through the contact form

What data do we ask?

Depending on the specific case a subset of the following data is asked:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Email address (will never be shown)
  • Affiliation
  • Country
  • Affiliation website
  • Statement of support/comment
  • Dietary requirements

What do we do with your data?

We use the data only for the purpose indicated on the submission forms, namely:

het doel is om je profiel te plaatsen op de pagina van de community, om de zichtbaarheid te vergroten en het netwerken en contacten binnen de community te bevorderen….

  1. The purpose of adding your profile on the community page with your affilication and specialization in the field of bottom-up synthetic cell research, is to to expand your network and show your work to other scientists and interested companies.
  2. In case of symposia and events: for organizational and logistics purposes.
  3. Submitted testimonials of support are reported solely on the webpage. They are not used for other purposes or documents.
  4. To reply to the requests submitted through the contact form.

How and how long do we store your data

  • All the data collected are stored exclusively at Delft University of Technology, where the Synthetic Cell Initiative office is located.
  • Data collected for the purpose of organizing events are destroyed after the event.
  • The synthetic cell office keeps overviews of the submitted testimonials of supports and of the comments submitted through the contact forms. These overviews are kept in principle. for the length of the duration of the initiative.

Sharing of your personal data with third parties

All the information submitted through this website will be used only for the purpose it is submitted for. It will not be shared with third parties at any moment.

View, modify or delete your data

At any moment you can ask us to view, modify or delete the data you submitted through the website. Please send a request to info@syntheticcell.eu

Cookies or similar techniques that we use

We do not use intentionally any cookies for gathering additional information on the website visitors or for advertorials or any commercial activities. Our website is hosted and maintained by provider Ivaldi (https://ivaldi.nl/).

Updating our privacy statement

The office of the Synthetic Cell Initiative reserves the right to modify this privacy statement at any time. Changes will be published on our website. We recommend that you regularly visit our website for the most recent version of this document.


Delft, Januari 2021