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2017 Future Symposium on
July 12‐14, 2017, Ringberg Castle, Germany



Wednesday July 12

Morning Arrival to MPIB, light snacks and buffet lunch
12:00 Departure with bus to Castle

14:20 Welcome and introduction to the scope of the workshop (Petra Schwille, Cees Dekker, Marileen Dogterom and Hagan Bayley)

Constructing life top-down and bottom-up    (chair Cees Dekker)

14:25 Drew Endy (Stanford University) – Synthetic biology
14:50 John Glass (J. Craig Venter Institute) – Design, synthesis and analysis of a synthetic minimal bacterial cell
15:15 Petra Schwille (MPI for Biochemistry) – How simple could life be?
15:40 Coffee break

Large-schale Minimal Cell Initiatives in Europe (chair Petra Schwille)

16:00 Eberhard Bodenschatz (Max Planck Society) – The Max Planck wide network MaxSynBio
16:20 Marileen Dogterom (Delft University of Technology) – The Dutch network BaSyC
16:40 Dek Woolfson (University of Bristol) – The BrisSynBio initiative
17:00 Break, check-in

Origins of life and astrobiology   (chair Philipp Holliger)

17:30 Pascale Ehrenfreund (German Aerospace Center DLR) – Tracing the key steps in the origin of life: astrobiology and synthetic cells
17:55 John Sutherland (Medical Research Council) – The origin of life and synthetic biology
18:15 Mary Voytek (NASA) – Synthetic Biology and the Search for Life Beyond Earth
18:40 Break
19:00 Dinner

Thursday July 13

What to learn from Synthetic Cells?   (chair Gijsje Koenderink)

8:30 Cees Dekker (Delft University of Technology) – Towards synthetic cell division
8:50 Joachim Spatz (MPI for Medical Research) – Sequential bottom-up assembly of synthetic cells

Nobel Laureate Forum 1: Challenges and perspectives (chair Marileen Dogterom)

9:10 Jack Szostak (Harvard University) – Why make synthetic cells?
9:40 Ada Yonath (Weizmann Institute) – An unreplaceable prebiotic apparatus is functioning in every living cell
10:10 Coffee break

Perspective of Private Agencies on Synthetic Biology (chair Hagan Bayley)

10:40 Pavel Dutow (VW Foundation) –  Life? – A fresh scientific approach to the basic principles of life
10:55 Julian Huppert (Cambridge) –  How might a moderately technically literate policy maker think about a synthetic cell?
11:10 Christopher Martin (Kavli Foundation) – Launching the International Brain Initiative: A Case Study

National Funding Agencies and Politics Forum: A larger view on Synthetic Biology (chair Petra Schwille)

11:25 Panel discussion with Marjolein Robijn (NWO), Alfred Pühler (Leopoldina), Anke
Becker (DFG) and Patrick Rose (ONR)
12:30 Lunch Break

Research Policy and Funding in the EU: Keynote talks by EU directorates  (chair Cees Dekker)

 14.00 Aymard de Touzalin (European Commission) –  Addressing grand S&T challenges: state of play of FET research in H2020
14.30 Philippe Cupers (European Commission) – European health research: challenges and priorities
15:00 Coffee break

Nobel Laureate Forum 2: Challenges and perspectives   (chair Erwin Frey)

15:30 John Walker (Cambridge University) – participation to be confirmed
16:00 Jean-Marie Lehn (Université de Strasbourg) – From supramolecular chemistry towards adaptive chemistry

Current and future applications of synthetic cell research  (chair Wilhelm Huck)

17:00 Tobias Erb (MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology Marburg) –  Carbon dioxide fixation with synthetic cells
17:20 Hagan Bayley (University of Oxford) – Synthetic tissues from printed droplet networks
17:40 Roel Bovenberg (DSM/University of Groningen) –  Synthetic biology from an industrial perspective
18:00 Plenary discussion
19:00 Bavarian dinner with original style live music

Friday July 14

Fundamental problems and technical challenges   (chair Joachim Spatz)

8:30 Bert Poolman (University of Groningen) –  A synthetic metabolic network for cell volume regulation
8:50 Daniel Müller (ETH Zürich) –  Engineering molecular factories and cellular systems towards health control
9:10 Damien Baigl (Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris) – Challenges with and in synthetic cells : a soft matter perspective
9:30 Sheref Mansy (University of Trento/CIBIO) – Fundamental problems and technical challenges to the construction of synthetic cells
9:50 Coffee break, checkout

Philosophical, societal and ethical aspects and challenges  (chair Bert Poolman)

10:30 Peter Millican (University of Oxford) – Title TBA
11:05 Peter Dabrock  (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg/German Ethics Council) –  In science we trust!?! SB and its challenges at the interface of science and society

Wrap up, summary and next steps

11:30 Plenary discussion with brief observations by Schwille, Dekker and Bayley
12:15 Lunch and departure

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