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Current events

Selected (virtual) workshops, conferences and other events in synthetic cell research.


  • August 15 – August 17: Artificial Biology Conference, Aarhus (Denmark)
  • September 21 – September 23: GASB6 conference, Würzburg,  Germany
    GASB, the German Association for Synthetic Biology, invites you to their 6th annual SynBio conference in Würzburg. Together with the HIRI, the Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research.

  • November 2 – November 4: oLife Annual Meeting 2022, Groningen, Netherlands
    oLife is a program co-funded under the EU Horizon 2020 Framework, which supports 18 postdoctoral fellows working on “Origin of Life” research in the Netherlands. The conference will include 25 short talks from early career researchers – including all oLife fellows as well as selected contributors– and 5 plenary talks by world-renowned invited speakers.
    Abstract submission deadline: August 15, 2022
    Conference registration deadline: September 30, 2022

  • November 7 – November 8: scientific meeting, ‘Cell mimicry: bottom-up engineering of life’, London, UK
    Scientific discussion meeting organized by Dr Yuval Elani, Dr David Lunn, Professor Thomas McLeish FRS, Dr Annela Seddon, Dr Tom Ellis, and Professor John Seddon. This meeting will explore the emerging area of artificial cell science. Specifically, bottom-up synthetic biology approaches will be discussed.
    Limited places, advance registration essential. 

Past events of the Synthetic Cell initiative

Since its inception in 2017, the European Synthetic Cell initiative has brought together top researchers in the international synthetic cell field as well as representatives of the industry and ethicists. Have a look at the past events of this initiative:

SynCell2022 – International Conference on Engineering Synthetic Cells and Organelles

18-20 May 2022 – The Hague, The Netherlands

Public Lecture by Marileen Dogterom on “The Promise of Synthetic Cells”

19 May 2022

SynCell2019: Defining the Challenges

16 – 17 October 2019 – Spanish National Research Council, Madrid, Spain

2018 1st International Symposium on Building a Synthetic Cell

28 – 29 August 2018 – Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

2017 Future Symposium on Building a Synthetic Cell

– 12‐14 July 2017 – Ringberg Castle, Germany