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If you have a question, comment, or idea you would like to share with us, please contact the European Synthetic Cell Initiative bureau by filling in the contact form below.

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We are a network of excellent European research laboratories, institutions, and companies who joined force to translate synthetic cell research into innovation. By joining our community, you will receive the latest updates on our initiative; be able to contact and interact with other members of our community; and share information such as new publications, job openings, and funding opportunities. Fill in the form

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The bureau of the European Synthetic Cell Initiative does not receive funding from companies or governments, but is funded through a small budget from research institutes and foundations, the names of which you can find at the bottom of the page.

We are currently looking for funding for outreach, as well as to stimulate cooperation between scientists and industry for the development of synthetic cell technologies. Would you like to support our initiative or share ideas with us, for example an opportunity for collaboration? Please contact the European Synthetic Cell Initiative bureau by filling our contact form.

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