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We are a community of cutting-edge synthetic cell researchers, companies and instutions. Our common goal is to better connect scientists with other scientists and companies in the field of bottom-up synthetic cell biology, in order to answer the fundamental question of how life works and translate research outputs into revolutionary compounds and products.

  • By joining the synthetic cell community you can expand your network: connect with research institutions and labs all over Europe, show your work and get communication support from our bureau. Our strength comes from the expertise and resources of our four partner institutes and our network.
  • Want to join? Fill in the community form and we will add your profile and specialization in bottom-up synthetic cell research and technology to this page. You can also find colleague’s’ profiles by clicking on their specialization: see for example the all users working on microfluidics or cell metabolism. Find here an overview of scientific keywords that community members have send us

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  • At the fundamental level, the proposed research allows us to understand what we mean by alive or dead, and explore the fascinating territory between these two states. From the practical viewpoint, research in this area will lead to synthetic cells and tissues that can be used in medical applications. These materials will be safe and inexpensive.

    Hagan Bayley

    Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford

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