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Here you can find career announcements in bottom-up synthetic cell research. Do you have an announcement you would like to share on this page? Contact us!

Lab Assistant (Technician CTA/BTA/MTA)

Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden, Germany

The research group of Dr. Dora Tang is looking for a Lab Assistant in dynamic protocellular systems. The group uses bottom-up approaches to synthesise artificial cells with life-like properties. The position is available immediately. The initial contract is for 2 years with the possibility of extension. The deadline for applications is February 15, 2023. See the job offer

PhD project on engineering motile artificial cells capable of autonomous and directional motion

Queen Mary University of London, UK

Three-year PhD project under the supervision of Dr. Claudia Contini. In this project, the candidate will take inspiration from nature and use a bottom-up synthetic biology approach to create 100% controllable artificial bio-inspired motile cell-like systems capable of transforming a chemical stimulus from the environment into mechanical motion. The deadline for applications is January 31, 2023. Candidates are expected to start from September 2023. See the job offer and eligibility requirements here.

Postdoc position on synthetic cells

University College London, UK

You will work in the group of Dr. Michael Booth, in the Department of Chemistry at University College London, to explore novel mechanisms of communication between synthetic cells and living cells. The deadline for applications is February 13, 2023. See the job offer here.

PhD project: Dynamic protein biosynthesis via an integrated cell-on-a-chip platform device

Institute of Chemical Biology, Imperial College London (ICL)

Under the supervision of Dr Nazila Kamaly (Department of Chemistry, ICL), Professor Oscar Ces (Department of Chemistry, ICL), and Dr Yuval Elani (Department of Chemical Engineering, ICL), the candidate will utilize a multidisciplinary approach to realize cell-on-a-chip devices with compartmentalized organelle-like environments that are connected via microfluidic valves. The final goal of this project is to create a microscale synthetic cell-on-chip for dynamic and precision protein synthesis and bioprocess engineering.

Applicants to this programme will enrol on a 1 year MRes in Chemical Biology and Bioentrepreneurship, followed by a 3 year PhD, building on the research project from the MRes. More details here.


PhD position on engineering synthetic synapses

The Wallace lab, Kings College London, UK

In this project you will join a team working to engineer new synthetic biological mimics of neuronal synapses, linking real cells with artificial cells capable of controlling and measuring signal transduction. The deadline for applications is March 7, 2023. See the job offer here.

4-year PhD position on synthetic cell division

Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Professors Gijsje Koenderink and Cees Dekker are offering a 4-year PhD position to work within the Dutch research program BaSyC. The experimental biophysics project aims to achieve robust synthetic cell abscission based on a thorough understanding of the required membrane remodeling process.

Apply now. Applications will be reviewed as they come in. Check out the vacancy here.