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Careers in bottom-up synthetic cell research

Here you can find career announcements in bottom-up synthetic cell research. Do you have an announcement you would like to share on this page? Contact us!

Research Associate in Artificial Cell Envelopes

At King’s College London, UK

05 June 2022

The Wallace lab at King’s College London seeks a Postdoctoral Research Associate with expertise in membrane biophysics. Funded by a new Wellcome Trust Investigator Award, this project aims to uncover precisely how the membrane attack complex (MAC) kills bacterial pathogens.

See the position

Two PhD’s on Artificial Cells and Interface Science

At University of Oslo, Norway

Irep Gözen’s lab is looking to hire two PhD’s (each 3 years) in artificial cells and interface science. The first project focuses on surface-adhered artificial cells and their capabilities of performing prebiotic- or other chemical reactions (more info here). And the second project focuses on investigating the interaction of solid surface materials with amphiphilic protocells at the origin of life, as well as elucidating their capabilities of performing prebiotic- or other chemical reactions (more info here).

Postdoc on Physical Assembly on Life-Like Systems

At Université de Bordeaux, France

Jean-Christophe Baret’s lab of Soft Micro Systems is looking to hire a PostDoc (12 months) in miniaturized experimental systems mimicking living systems. The project focuses on minimal metabolic functions and involves functionalizing micro-compartments and integrating them in a bottom-up approach. In the long term, they want to create large populations of microsystems to assemble them and analyse their collective properties. Application deadline is April 11th, 2022. More information and to apply, click here.

PhD on Microfluidics for Synthetic Cells: ‘Life on a Chip’

At Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Prof. Cees Dekker and Prof. Gijsje Koenderink have an open PhD position (4 years) on the development of an integrated micro/nanofluidics lab-on-chip system to engineer the entire life cycle of synthetic cells on chip, from interphase to division. The project is part of the BaSyC initiative: a collaborative Dutch research program that aims to build an autonomous self-reproducing synthetic cell from the bottom up. Evaluation of applications will commence immediately. Check out the vacancy here.

Postdoc and PhD to Push Development of Synthetic Cells

At the EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Prof. Sebastian Maerkl’s lab of Biological Network Characterization is looking to hire a post-doctoral fellow and a PhD in cell-free synthetic biology to push the development of synthetic cells. The projects involve developing state-of-art techniques and approaches in cell-free synthetic biology combined with microfluidics. Evaluation of applications will commence immediately. Check out the vacancies here.

Design your own Fast-Track Postdoc Project on Bottom-Up Synthetic Biology

At the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany

For young researchers (PhD within the past 2-3 years) to submit their own research proposal to enjoy two-year ad-personam funding. Your research will be hosted and supported by Prof. Petra Schwille’s lab at the Department of Cellular and Molecular Biophysics. Deadline for the second round is June 30, 2022. More information here.