eurekAWARDS 2023

For researchers or entrepreneurs with disruptive solutions

The contest seeks innovative synthetic biology solutions to global challenges, from climate change to health and sustainable manufacturing.

We are pleased to announce that our partner eureKARE is organizing the second edition of the eurekAWARDS, a unique opportunity for researchers and entrepreneurs to compete for expert advice, in-kind start-up support, and potential funding.

Synthetic biology projects must address a clear and proven unmet need, and add value to the following three key categories: the green economy, the blue economy, and sustainability. Participants have until October 6 to submit their applications.

For more information on the contest and eligibility, visit the page: eurekAWARDS 2023

eureKare is an investment company that focuses on financing and building biotechnology companies in the fields of microbiome and synthetic biology. The company coordinates the SYNBEE project, in which SynCellEU and Delft University of Technology are actively involved. SYNBEE, which was launched in March aims to enhance the entrepreneurial and business skills of young professionals across Europe in the field of synthetic biology. Find out more about SYNBEE.