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The Synthetic Cell initiative is supported by a growing number of scientists and academic and research institutions. It has been submitted as a FET-Flagship proposal during the last Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) consultation round.

Read the short proposal submitted during the last round of FET consultation in april 2016 on the EC Futurium webpage
Or download our leaflet on a Synthetic Cell FET Flagship here.

The promoters

  • Marileen Dogterom

    Delft University of Technology

  • Cees Dekker

    Delft University of Technology

  • Petra Schwille

    Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

  • Hagan Bayley

    University of Oxford

Name Institute Country
Sander Tans AMOLF The Netherlands
Liedewij Laan TU Delft The Netherlands
Pieter Rein ten Wolde AMOLF The Netherlands
Klaus Kroy Leipzig University Germany
E.W. "Bert" Meijer Eindhoven University of Technology The Netherlands
Bela Mulder AMOLF/Wageningen University The Netherlands
Julian Huppert Intellectual Forum, Jesus College, Cambridge UK
Sheref Mansy University of Trento Italy
Ramin Golestanian University of Oxford UK
Sophie Martin Universite de Lausanne Switzerland
Vassilis Papadakis IESL-FORTH Greece
Andres de la Escosura Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Spain
Brian Jester CNRS - iSSB France
Daniel Riveline I.S.I.S. Strasbourg University France
Derek Stewart The James Hutton Institute UK
Philipp Holliger MRC Cambridge UK
Ulrich Schwarz Heidelberg University Germany
Kirsten Jung LMU München Germany
Dieter Braun LMU München Germany
Erwin Frey LMU München Germany
Joachim Spatz Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems Stuttgart Germany
Jan-Willem Veening University of Lausanne Switzerland
Dennis Claessen Leiden University The Netherlands
Gijsje Koenderink AMOLF/ VU Amsterdam The Netherlands
Bert Poolman Groningen University The Netherlands
Wilhelm Huck Radboud University Nijmegen The Netherlands